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2021 HADDS Awareness Month LARGE Banner.

What is HADDS Awareness Month?

HADDS Awareness Month was created by the Foundation in 2019 to rally our community around a central focus -- raising HADDS Awareness and celebrating each other!


Being part of a rare community is an opportunity to be ambassadors and teachers within local communities, educating others about HADDS.

How can you get involved?

There are plenty of ways to get involved, and the calendar of events showcases major events occurring throughout the month. Some folks participate in all events, while others pick and choose what fits with their schedule!  


If you have questions, reach out to

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Awareness Week

Awareness Week is a concentrated effort that encourages families to wear awareness ribbons, dress in HADDS Plaid and use their social media voices to raise awareness & fundraise!


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#HADDSLOVE week is the third week of February, and was created to encourage families to  practice gratitude and express love to people that support and positively impact individuals living with HADDS throughout the year.

2024 HADDS Awareness Month Schedule.pdf.png

Click for the PDF

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HADDS Valentine

Each year we send a new and unique Valentine's Day card to ensure every individual with HADDS feels loved and included. Complete the form by

January 26, 2024.

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HADDS Goes to School

Peer awareness and inclusion are very important for growth, which is why we encourage all of our school age families to host an event. 

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