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Our Guiding Principles


To enhance the lives of people with HADDS through research, education, support and advocacy.


Impacting the world together, one story at a time.



Raise educational awareness and funding for research so that every person with HADDS:


  • Has a supportive community

  • Is able to reach their full potential 

  • Has access to the most current educational/therapy materials

  • Has access to the most current research



Ethical & Transparent: It is the Foundation’s priority to be ethically and financially responsible when advancing our mission in the areas of research, education, support and advocacy.


Committed: We are nothing as an organization if we are not committing our energy, talents and resources consistently towards research and education. Commitment drives progress!


Inclusive & Collaborative: Be ambassadors for inclusion, welcoming and facilitating an environment of hope, belonging and community for all impacted by HADDS globally.


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