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Grants & Funding

Part of the Foundation's mission is to give back to our community in a more meaningful way. Grants and funding is one way we can support our community, build connection and raise awareness for EBF3 HADDS. 

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Medical Funding Grants

Do you have a medical expense, such as a new device, surgery, or test, that will cause financial strain to you or your family? If the expense supports an individual living with HADDS, you are eligible to apply for the HADDS Medical Grant.

Medical Grant Details & Application

Community Grants

Being part of the rare gene community often means being alone with a diagnosis in your community and/or minimally connecting in-person with other individuals and their families living with HADDS. Our Community Grant aims to fund awareness events and local socials/meetups. If you are interested in sponsoring an event, we want to support you.


Community Grant Details & Application 

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Travel Grants

Travel to be seen by EBF3 HADDS researchers and specialists or join in-person events like the EBF3 HADDS Internationship Conference can be expensive and for some families, near impossible without additional support. We started the travel grants back in 2020 to ensure that any family that wants to participate has the means to do so.


Travel Grant Details & Application

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