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EBF3 HADDS Travel Grant Application

The EBF3 HADDS Foundation is offering a travel grant for those in need of financial assistance in our community. All individuals with HADDS and their families are encouraged to apply!

Eligibility & Parameters:

A limited number of travel grants are available to individuals and families diagnosed with EBF3 HADDS who are participating in the EBF3 HADDS In-Person Research conducted by the Chao Lab or joining the EBF3 HADDS International Conference or Social Clinics. Our hope is the travel grant will provide support to families that may otherwise be unable to attend.  While the grants may not cover all expenses, our hope is that it makes the journey to Houston more manageable. The amount of each grant may vary based on need (family size, distance traveled), and total number of applicants. The maximum amount of a single award is $500 (Domestic) $1000 (International)


If the number of applications exceeds the available funding, priority will be given based on the following considerations:

  • Those families who will have multiple family members diagnosed with HADDS in attendance at the conference   

  • Travel distance from Houston, TX / International constituents

  • Applicants from under-represented groups

  • First-time HADDS Event  / Clinic  / Research  / Conference attendees

  • Financial need


In the future, it is important to note that previous Travel Grant recipients are eligible to apply, though priority is given to new awardees.

Submission Requirements:

1. Application form (below) that includes a brief statement.

Award Amount:

The travel grant includes Event Registration (if the HADDS event is occurring at the same time) and a Travel Stipend to be applied to your clinic co-pays/expenses, hotel, flights/gas, and meals. 

Application Deadline & Notification of Award:


Applications are due at least 3 months prior to the scheduled travel dates. The BOD meets monthly at the first of every month and applications will be reviewed at that time. Applicants should expect to hear back within 4-6 weeks after submission.


All travel stipends will be provided at the event in the form of an issued bank check.


Conditions of Acceptance:

If you are awarded a travel grant, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. Event Registration: You must register for the event prior to the deadline and provide information on all accompanying attendees from your family/group.

  2. Full Attendance: We request you attend the full duration of the EBF3-HADDS International Conference/Social Clinic and/or Research appointments and their associated activities when applying for the travel grant.

  3. Use: Use grant funds explicitly for HADDS travel-related expenses.

  4. Deferment: If selected for a grant, you are allowed to defer your grant for one year. If you do not use the funds during this time, your grant will be forfeited and you will need to reapply. 


Failure to meet the conditions of acceptance may jeopardize your eligibility for reimbursement and future Travel Grants.


Submission Procedures and Questions:

Complete the application form below and click "Submit".  Note that it may be helpful to draft the Personal Narrative and Financial Impact statements in a separate document first, and then paste them into the form when ready to submit.  Do not send your application or statements via email.


If you have any questions or difficulty, please contact us at

The Foundation Requests that All Recipients of the EBF3 HADDS Travel Grant Be Open to Participating in the HADDS Clinic Research. Are You Willing to Participate?
Have you already booked a HADDS Clinic appointment?
Have you attended a HADDS Foundation event in the past?
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