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HADDS Plaid Awareness Campaign

Small communities like ours have to make a concerted effort to proactively educate our local communities about HADDS in hopes of promoting understanding and inclusion. One of the easiest, most recognizable ways to jumpstart sharing is by adopting an awareness ribbon. Awareness ribbons are worn as a figurative information symbol or question mark, signaling to others that you have information or have been impacted by and/or passionate about a cause. In many cases, the ribbon is just enough to prompt a casual conversation about HADDS and generate awareness.

Similiar to the Autism Society's puzzle awareness ribbon, we felt a patterned ribbon was appropriate given the rare nature of the syndrome; one singular color wouldn't appropriately represent our uniqueness or diverse community.

If you would like to participate in the campaign or have a fundraiser or event that supports HADDS, you can purchase the HADDS Plaids Awareness Ribbons in the Foundation's shop. In addition to the awareness ribbons, there are other products for sale that can prompt additional opportunities for community education, so check those out as well!

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