HADDS Resources

Use these resources for distribution at community and fundraising events or for those recently diagnosed.

Understanding HADDS.png

The HADDS Educational Packet is to be used for distribution to those newly diagnosed, healthcare providers and to others interested in learning more about the syndrome.

Genetics Test Results.png

After receiving a diagnosis, there are many questions and many revolve around understanding the genetics and the test results, so you can determine next steps.  This webinar, hosted by Pilar Magoulas, MS, CGC, provides a brief genetics 101, details the types of genetic tests, how to read the results and answers a few common questions. 

HADDS one pager.jpg

The HADDS Quick Guide describes the syndrome, highlights the growing community and speaks to the ongoing research, and its long-term impact on our community. Translations in Arabic, English, German,  Italian and Spanish.

HADDS Goes to School.png

HADDS School Awareness Packet was designed for February's HADDS Awareness Month, but could be used year round. The packet has ideas and a checklist. Click for a video about HADDS for School age children.

Watch Dr. Chao, Dr. Wangler and Dr. Bellen discuss rare gene fruit fly/mice research and EBF3-HADDS.