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The Foundation Collaborates to Publish the First HADDS Book

Abled: Same But Different 

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EBF3 HADDS Foundation

HOUSTON, TX  (August 13, 2020)

Abled, Same But Different, a book 16 years in the making, hit the virtual Amazon shelves in August, on a mission to educate the world about HADDS. Abled was written by Cathleen Morita, from Hawaii, and mother to one of the first individuals diagnosed with HADDS.


The Hawaiian themed book focuses on the similarities and differences of individuals with HADDS, highlighting that while they may do things differently, they still enjoy life, similar hobbies, and the company of others. The book is engaging, asking questions along the way to have its readers participate in the experience, further driving the message that though there are differences, individuals with HADDS are still relatable and like to have fun! 


In July 2019, Cathleen shared her draft and sketches of the book at the EBF3 HADDS Foundation’s inaugural International HADDS Conference to several members who encouraged the publication. Paul Mastin introduced Cathleen to Andy Spencer, whose Austin-based imprint Engedi Publishing had recently published their first children’s book. Andy jumped at the chance to collaborate with Cathleen. He embraced the vision of the book and helped Cathleen mold it to completion. In early 2020, the Foundation financially supported the publication, reinforcing the importance of sharing Chase’s story, symbolic of many in our community, with the world. 


The Foundation reached out to Cathleen Morita, regarding her recent publication and she wrote:











If you would like to purchase Abled: Same But Different, use the direct Amazon link below. The Foundation will also be selling Abled with a HADDS product bundle in the coming weeks. Visit the for more information. 


Abled: Same But Different


To learn more about HADDS visit,

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“My hope for Abled:  Same But Different is multifaceted.  As an early childhood educator, I am constantly teaching my students to have empathy and compassion for others who may appear to look or do things differently. 


Throughout the years, since I could never find a book that conveyed that message, I would bring pictures to show my students of Chase doing things he enjoyed.  As a mom, having a child with EBF3-HADDS has been a journey.  When Chase was younger, to cope with the isolation I felt of not knowing any other people that shared Chase's symptoms, I journaled about Chase's daily life.  Little did I know then that it would evolve into a book that would bless others. 


I am so thankful for the National Institutes of Health/Undiagnosed Diseases Program and Dr. Tuan Chao and her team at Texas Children's Hospital for the diagnosis of EBF3-related HADDS. 


Last summer, we attended the first EBF3-HADDS Family Conference organized by the HADDS Foundation and connected with other families of children, teens, and young adults that were diagnosed with EBF3-HADDS.  It was refreshing to meet others that shared the same experiences and for the first time, Chase and I felt a genuine sense of belonging."

Abled: Same But Different author Cathleen Morita with her inspiration for the story and son, Chase.

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