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Some Popular Solar Panel Reveiw in Canada & German

There are hundreds of manufacturers and even more models of canada solar panels modules on the market. The choice is therefore difficult. We have therefore looked at numerous solar modules and manufacturers and share with you our experiences in the large solar module test and comparison 2022.

And this is what awaits you in this comprehensive test and comparison:

The best photovoltaic solar Canada of 2022.

Let's first take a closer look at the overall results of our large "Solar Module Test and Comparison 2022". Later on, we will go into more detail about the individual evaluation criteria.

All the companies in the list above are recommendable - for various reasons. The list does not include all module manufacturers, but will be updated continuously. We will also gradually publish the full reviews of each vendor and link them here.

For a quicker choice, we have also created a simplified graphic for you. This shows an arrangement according to three important decision criteria, which the further parts of this article will go into in more detail.

Let's first take a look at the top 3 photovoltaic module test winners for the year 2021/2022.

The photovoltaic modules test winners 2021/2022

1st place: Solarwatt Vision Style

Solarwatt is a German manufacturer of solar modules and tops our big comparison with 4.7 points.

Let's take a look at the short version of the test results.

Reliability: in the test, we took a close look at the glass-glass modules of the SOLARWATT VISION Pure and Style series. The quality of workmanship is excellent.

Solarwatt offers a product and performance guarantee of 30 years on your glass-glass modules. This shows how convinced Solarwatt is of the quality of its solar modules.

Performance: If you only look at the efficiency, the solar modules from Solarwatt are rather in the midfield (Solarwatt Vision 60M style - 370 Wp - 19.9%). However, these are bifacial modules. These absorb light from both sides and achieve significantly better performance depending on the installation.

Credibility of the company: SOLARWATT currently employs about 600 people and has been in existence since 1998, during which time it has gained valuable experience and overcome numerous technological challenges. The company has a close business relationship with BMW, which is also its largest customer. The owner Stefan Quandt is one of the major shareholders in the Bavarian automaker. This is a plus for Solartwatt's stability.

Profitability: If you are thinking of 15 years, then you should choose cheaper solar modules. However, if you're thinking 30 to 40 years, then Solarwatt might be right for you.

You can aslo check more information about lithium batteries canada of Renogy, which is one of the most popular lithium batteries Suppliers.

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